Since 10 th October 1975, PT. Tunas Harapan Engineering, has grown from an industrial machines and spareparts trading company, into a pioneer in the field of industrial machines and spareparts repair and recondition, by using Cold Process Arc Metal Spray Technology for Metal Coating Process. In 2007, PT. Tunas Harapan Engineering was the first engineering workshop in Indonesia who owned and operated Electroslag Strip Cladding machine for Metal Coating Process.

These years of knowledge and experience, have created a special skill, where PT. Tunas Harapan Engineering is not only able to recognize and analyze defect or wear, which happen to industrial machines and spareparts, but also able to give the best solution for it, using the latest methods, technologies and equipments.

Now, PT. Tunas Harapan Engineering, has grown into 7 divisions, which are Cold Process Metal Coating, Powder Spray Coating, Hard Surfacing by ESW & SAW, Roll Surface Grinding, Steel Fabrication, Glassflake Coating & Lining System, Dynamic Balancing and the company is still continue to grow in order to answer new challenges ahead and to maintain customer's trust which has been given to the company.

This continuous growth, has developed from PT. Tunas Harapan Engineering's commitment to continually increasing its resources and special skill, and also to maintain the company's working standard and quality as high as possible for customer's satisfaction and loyalty.
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